As an administrator, you can export time, attendance, and accrual data to a file that can be used by other applications, such as payroll processing or human resources programs.

To create and download export files:

  1. Click the Home tab.

  2. Under the Home tab, click the Exports link.

  3. On the Exports page, click the New Export button on the right side of the page. The New Export page opens.

  4. In the Description field, enter a short phrase that clearly identifies the data you are exporting. This is a required field.

  5. From the Export Type drop-down menu, select the template you want to use for the exported data. This is a required field.

    Tip: Export templates have been set up for you by your ADP ezLaborManager representative for each pay cycle in the ezLaborManager database. You can create new templates for exporting time and attendance data or accrual data, as necessary.

  6. In the User to Receive Inbox Message on Completion field, click the Select button. In the User Lookup window, select the user whom you want to receive the Inbox message when the export is complete. The Inbox message includes the number of records exported, the number of records skipped due to errors, and an export confirmation number. This is an optional field.

  7. In the E-mail Address for Additional Notification of Completion field, enter or edit the e-mail address to which you want an e-mail message sent when the export is complete. The e-mail message includes the number of records exported, the number of records skipped due to errors, and an export confirmation number. This is an optional field.

  8. Click the Submit button.

    After you click the Submit button, a processing window will open and automatically refresh until your export is created. Once the export has been created, the Exports page opens.

    If the export has been successfully processed, the status column will display the Processed without Errors icon.

    After the export has been processed, the total number of errors (if any) that occurred during the export appears in the Errors column. Click the number in the Errors column to see detailed information for each error. If the errors are not critical to your payroll export, you can download the exported file without correcting them. If you need to correct any of the errors in the exported data, delete the export record, correct all of the errors, and then create a new export file.

  9. To download a file containing the exported data, click the Download in the Action column. (If the exported data has been previously downloaded, click the Download again button.) You can download the exported data as many times as necessary.

    Note: By default, generated export data is stored in ezLaborManager until you delete it. At any time, you can download to your local computer or network a file that contains the export data for any export you have not yet deleted.

  10. In the File Download dialog box, click the Save button.

  11. In the Save As dialog box, select a location for the file, and then click the Save button. Make a note of the location you select.

    The file format of the export file that you download depends on the template you chose for the export. If the template used the ASCII Delimited or ASCII Fixed format, the downloaded file is a single .DAT file that can be opened by your external payroll processing application.

    If the template used an ADP payroll format, the downloaded file may be an .EXE. file, from which you must then extract the export data (see below).

  12. If your downloaded file is an .EXE file, extract the contents of the file.