ezLaborManager uses a security method called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt and protect your data. In most cases, you do not need to make any configuration changes to enable this security protocol. However, if you receive a message that says that a login page cannot be displayed or that SSL is disabled, you will need to check your browser's SSL settings.

The procedure for enabling SSL varies according to browser type and version. Please consult your browser's documentation for instructions.

Make sure that you are authorized to change your security settings before making changes. If you are unsure of your company's Internet security policies, consult your supervisor or system administrator.

When you access the ezLaborManager login page using SSL, your browser may display an informational message indicating that you are about to access a secure or encrypted site. You can configure your browser so that it does not display this message every time you access a secure site. See the documentation for your browser for more information.

If you have disabled the security messages in your browser, you can still determine whether you are using secure access by looking at the address bar. Internet addresses that begin with https: (rather than http:) are secure.