You can use the timecard to edit entries for any day that falls in the current or next pay period. To edit your timecard:

  1. From the Time & Attendance menu, select My Timecard.

    Note: If the My Timecard option is not visible, make sure that you have selected Employee in the Role Selector.

  2. On the Today's Activities section, click the My Timecard button.

  3. If the day for which you need to edit information is not displayed on the timecard, use the date selection tools to change the view to an appropriate date range.

    You can use the drop-down menu to select a predefined date range or use the start and end date fields (or the Calendar Lookup buttons) to define a range of dates. If you select a predefined date range, the timecard will refresh immediately. If you enter a start and end date manually or using the Calendar Lookup buttons, you must click Find to refresh the timecard with data for the dates you have chosen.

    Although you can use the date selection tools to view timecard information for other dates, you can only edit data for dates that fall within the current or next pay period.

  4. Edit the values in the timecard as necessary. See Recording Your Hours for more information. If you are editing an entry for non-worked time, see Recording Non-Worked Time (Vacation, Illness, etc.).

    Your company may be set up so that once your manager has approved an entry on your timecard, the entry is locked and you will not be able to make any further changes to it. If your company is configured this way, you can only edit entries that have not yet been approved by your manager. If one or more of your entries have been locked for this reason, the following message is displayed at the top of the Timecard page: "Rows may be disabled because manager approval has occurred."

    If your company is not configured this way, you can continue to edit entries after manager approval has occurred. If you edit entries that have been approved by you or your manager, the approvals will be removed and you and/or your manager will have to approve your timecard again.

    Regardless of how your company is configured for editing timecard entries, you can only edit entries in the current or next pay period.

    If you have questions about editing your timecard, contact your manager.

  5. If you want to include any additional information about an entry you have edited, click the the Note Button button on the right side of the page for the appropriate row, enter a note in the pop-up window, and click the Done button.

    When you click the Notes button, the Notes window opens above the row and the row is highlighted so that you can see which row you are adding, viewing, or editing notes for. Depending on whether a note has already been added and submitted for a row, the following buttons are displayed:

    Blank Note - A note does not exist for a row. This is also the default note icon which is displayed before any notes have been added to a row.

    post-it_cleared.gif - All text has been deleted from a note window, but the page has not been submitted since the text was deleted.

    Written and Submitted Note - A note exists for a row and the page has been submitted since the note was added or edited.

    Written Note but not Submitted - A note exists for a row, but the page has not yet been submitted since the note was added or edited.

  6. If you want to delete one or more entire rows, click the check box in the Select column of the appropriate row or rows and then click the Delete button.

    Note: Clicking the delete button will mark the selected row or rows for deletion. The data in the rows will be displayed in red, but they will not be deleted until you click the Submit button. If you decide not to delete a row that has been marked for deletion, click the select checkbox for the row and click Delete.

  7. After you have made all of your edits, click the Submit button to record the changes.

    Note: If you have marked on or more rows for deletion, a confirmation box will appear asking you to verify that you want to complete the deletion. Click OK if you are certain that you want to delete the marked data.

If your information meets basic validation requirements, the time sheet will refresh with an "Operation Successful" message displayed near the top of the page.

The timecard displays status information about each entry listed. See Reading Your Time Entries for information about the icons used to indicate status.

Any edits you make will not be saved until you click Submit.