ezLaborManager can support multiple languages. You can select your preferred language for viewing ezLaborManager by changing your language options.

To change your language options:

  1. In the upper right corner of any main ezLaborManager page, click the Options Options icon.

  2. If the Language Options form is not visible on the right side of the Options page, click Language Options in the left section of the page.

  3. In the Selected Language box, click The Down Arrow and select the language in which you want ezLaborManager to be displayed.

    Tip: Your employer determines which languages are available. If only one language appears when you click The Down Arrow, you cannot change your ezLaborManager display language.

  4. Click Submit. The language change will take effect the next time you log in.

Note: Your language options setting is tied to your personal user account and thus only affects the ezLaborManager pages you see after you have logged in to ezLaborManager. This setting does not affect the display language of the login pages. To change the language of the login pages, use the language links that appear on the login pages themselves. See Logging In for more information.