Note: If your company is configured so that various menu items relating to time off appear on the Time & Attendance drop-down menu in ADP Workforce Now, you should not use the Time Off Request features described in this topic. See the Help for the HR & Benefits module instead.

The My Attendance page includes a Time Off Request section that lists summary information about time off requests you have submitted. From this list, you can open a detailed view of any request. By default, the My Attendance page Time Off Request section displays, in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top), all of the time off requests you have created during the current calendar year. However, you can filter the list by request status and by calendar year. If a request has not yet been approved, partially approved, denied, or canceled, you can make changes to the request.

To view your time off requests and edit a request that is still pending review:

  1. From the Time & Attendance menu, select My Attendance. The Time Off Request section displays the request number, request status, total hours requested off, start date of the requested time off, description, and review by date (if specified) for each of the time off requests you have created during the current year.

    Note: If the My Attendance option is not available, make sure that you have selected Employee in the Role Selector.

  2. To filter the list to view only requests with a specific status, click the Down Arrow button in the Status field and select the appropriate status. The possible request statuses by which the list can be filtered are:

  3. To view requests for a different year, click the Down Arrow button in the Year field and select the appropriate year. (This field will not be visible unless you have submitted at least one time off request before the current calendar year.)

  4. To search for a specific request by request number, enter the request number in the Find Request Number field and then click the Find button.

  5. To view more detailed information about a request, click the request number for the request (in the left-most column). This opens the Time Off Request page for the specific request. This is basically the same page that you used to create the request, with the following additional information:

  1. If the request you are viewing is in the Pending Review state, make any desired changes. The Description, Comments, Start Time, Hours, and Earnings Codes fields will still be editable and you will also be able to add or remove rows from the request.

    Note: If the request has been denied by a reviewer or canceled by you, by a reviewer or a manager, or by the Time & Attendance module, the Time Off Request page will be read-only and will have no active buttons. If the request has been approved, you will be able to cancel, but not edit, it from the Time Off Request page. If the request has been partially approved, the Time Off Request page will contain buttons that allow you to accept the partial approval or cancel the request. For more information, see Viewing and Responding to a Request That Has Been Reviewed.

  2. To save any changes you have made, click the Submit button.

Note: If a request has already been reviewed, it will no longer be editable and the Submit button will not be available. If changes are required, you can click the Cancel Request button to cancel the request and then create a new request with the appropriate changes. For more information, see Canceling a Time Off Request.