The Payroll Summary section of the Timecard displays a summary of an employee's recorded hours, sorted by earnings code, for a specific pay period. If your company stores rate information in the Time & Attendance module and allows managers to view this information, the Payroll Summary also displays the employee's monetary totals for each earnings code.

To view a summary of an employee's earnings by pay period:

  1. From the Time & Attendance menu, select My Employees. The Timecard tab opens.

    Note: If the My Employees option is not visible, make sure that you have selected Manager in the Role Selector.

  2. Click the Lookup button (next to the Find button). The Employee ID Lookup window opens. Select the employee whose timecard you want to view.

  3. If necessary, use the Date Selection tools to change which pay period is displayed.

    The Timecard always displays information for a complete pay period. If you select Today or enter a specific date in the date selection fields, the Timecard will display information for the entire pay period that includes the date you have selected.

    The Date Selection for the Timecard defaults to "Today" each time you log in to the Time & Attendance module. If you change the date selection, it will be maintained until you change it again or log out of the Time & Attendance module.

  4. Look for the Payroll Summary section at the bottom of the page, which will list the employee's recorded hours by earnings code and the employee's total hours for the pay period being viewed.

    Tip: If your company stores rate information in the Time & Attendance module and allows managers to view this information, the employee's monetary totals by earnings code and total payroll earnings for the pay period will also be displayed.

  5. To view more detailed information about the employee's hours and earnings in a particular earnings category, click the appropriate name in the Earnings Code column of the Payroll Summary. A pop-up window will display detailed information about all of the transactions during the specified pay period that used that earnings code.

If you are viewing Timecard information for the current, previous, or next pay period, the Payroll Summary area of the page will include a message that indicates the status of the timecard for the pay period being viewed. If the status message indicates "Timecard Submitted for Processing," the Time & Attendance module has not completed processing of all of the timecard data, so the payroll summary information may not be completely up-to-date. In this case, wait a few minutes and then click the Find button to refresh the Timecard page. If the status message indicates that there are errors on the timecard, use the Timecard Manager to view more information about the errors. Status information is not provided for pay periods that have been closed.

The Payroll Summary itself does not include supplemental earnings. If your company uses supplemental earnings and the employee has earned or recorded supplemental earnings for the pay period being viewed, a Supplemental Earnings Summary will be displayed next to the Payroll Summary.

You can also access the Payroll Summary (and Supplemental Earnings Summary) by clicking the Payroll Summary link on the Single Employee Timecard Manager or the Supplemental Earnings page. These links open a pop-up window containing a Payroll Summary and, if applicable, a Supplemental Earnings Summary. The date range for the pop-up summaries will depend upon the date range that was being viewed on the page from which the link was clicked and may not correlate to an exact pay period. The date range for the summaries will be indicated near the top of the pop-up window.

As a manager, you can also view the earnings code distribution of your employees' individual time pairs. See Viewing Payroll Distribution Information for a Time Pair.