Some companies require employees to approve their timecards before payroll is processed.

To approve your timecard:

  1. From the Time & Attendance menu, select My Schedule.

    Note: If the My Schedule option is not available, make sure that you have selected Employee in the Role Selector.

  2. In the upper right corner of the Timecard at a Glance, click the Employee Approval Required link.

    A timecard approval link or message will only appear if your company requires employees to approve their timecards.

    If the message Employee Approval Not Possible appears instead of the Employee Approval Required link, there is a problem with your timecard that must be resolved before you can approve the timecard. Make sure that you are viewing your timecard for the current or next pay period (timecards for other pay periods cannot be approved) and check the status message in the Payroll Summary section of the My Labor page. If your timecard contains errors, use the time sheet to view more detailed information about the errors.

  3. On the Timecard Approval page, review your time information and, if applicable, your supplemental earnings records for the pay period.

  4. If the information is accurate, click Approve.

  5. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to approve the timecard (and supplemental earnings information, if applicable). Click OK.

Although you can approve your timecard at any time, it is most efficient to approve your timecard after you have entered all of your data for a pay period. If your timecard changes after you have approved it, your approval is cleared and you must approve the timecard again. If this happens, a "Timecard Approval Has Been Cleared" message will appear in
the Today's Activities section of the Home page.

You can also access the Timecard Approval page from the time sheet or by clicking the "Timecard Approval Has Been Cleared" message on the
Home page (when available).

After you have approved your timecard, the Employee Approval Required link will change to an Employee Approval Done link. If you want to rescind your approval, click this link to open the Timecard Approval page and then click the
Unapprove button.

If you edit your timecard after you have approved it, your approval will be removed and you will need to approve your timecard again.